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2013 - Vandalism of locomotives; relocating them to Utah

Locomotives #231 and #644 vacated Brooklyn Yard as part of the closure of the Brooklyn Roundhouse, and had relocated to a barb-wire fenced area along with other historic equipment and rolling stock. Unfortunately, vandals and thieves made their way in by digging under the fencing, and measures were put in place to capture them red-handed. The locomotives were subsequently relocated to Utah to prevent further damage.

231 and 644 on hospital train through Northwest Portland, OR.

Locomotives boarded up for storage.

Boarded up 231 in storage.

Boarded up 644 in storage.

Thieves caught on night-vision camera and subsequently arrested and prosecuted.

Thieves attempted to enter locomotive by blasting windshield with shotgun.

231's windshield blasted with a shotgun.

Missing HEP cables evidence of theft.

BNSF 3613 pulling 231 and 644 out of storage.

Moving through industrial area of Northwest Portland, OR.

DynaRail Founder John Magnusson observing the move.

BNSF 3613 moving 231 and 644 toward Lake Yard.

Locomotives crossing street toward Lake Yard.

231 at BNSF's Lake Yard in Northwest Portland, OR.

Amtrak heritage-painted train passes 231 and 644 standing by on interchange track.

231 and 644 inside the Albina enginehouse.

231 and 644 spotted ready to move east on the Union Pacific Railroad.

MHKRO freight train passing through Brigham City, UT.

Train passing through Farmington, UT.

Locomotives passing North Temple Station in Salt Lake City, UT.

231 and 644 safely spotted at Ogden Union Station.


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