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Amtrak 231 In Service

Photos of #231 in service wearing Amtrak Phase II paint 1977-1982:

Amtrak 231 in Phase II paint scheme on the Inter-American route in Fort Worth, Texas. NOV 1977

As-built appearance with markings under cab window.

As-built appearance with no markings under cab window. Joliet, IL. SEP 1978

231 departing Chicago Union Station.

Making a station stop at Stockton, California depot.

Phase-II and icicle breakers on 231 as it arrives to Sacramento, CA on the Spirit of California route that operated between Sacramento and Los Angeles.

Phase II Amtrak 231 with a solid set of Phase I Amfleet cars! NOV 1980

Amtrak 231 on the Twin Cities Hiawatha passing through Rondout, IL. MAR 1978

Eastbound San Francisco Zephyr making a station stop at Galesburg, Illinois JUL 1979

Amtrak 231 and 234 on the Coast Starlight at Oakland's 16th St Station in CA. FEB 1981

231 on the San Joaquin through Pittsburg, CA. OCT 1980

San Diegan in Oceanside, CA JUN 1982 (icicle breakers on the San Diegan ;-)

231 and 705 passing through Joliet, Illinios JUN 1979

Amtrak San Francisco Zephyr led by 231 through Ottumwa, Iowa. SEP 1979

BN 8000, AMTK 231 and 236 leading Coast Starlight through Portland, Oregon. JUL 1981

231 on the Illini train through Kankakee, Illinois. JUL 1979

222 and 231 on the Desert Wind passing through Dagget (Yermo, CA). NOV 1981

231 coupled to 282 and 430 at Ivy City shops in Washington DC. AUG 1980

231 making a station stop at La Grange, Illinois. JUN 1979

231 making a station stop in the town in which it was built: La Grange, IL. JUN 1979

Amtrak 231 leading train from Quincy, IL to Chicago, as it approaches Galesburg, IL. OCT 1977

231 coupled to 281 (also preserved) and 258 (Metra 215) at the shops in Chicago, IL. AUG 1978
Amtrak Ogden Union Station Utah
Desert Wind preparing to depart Ogden, UT with 231 and 229 taking charge. JUL 1982

Coast Starlight at Klamath Falls, Oregon. SEP 1982

Westbound Southwest Chief at Albuquerque, New Mexico. FEB 1982

Southbound Coast Starlight through Burbank Junction, CA. MAY 1981

Northbound Coast Starlight in Davis, California. JAN 1981

The Crescent at Alexandria, Virginia. AUG 1980

231 on the Ann Rutledge at Kansas City Union Station, Missouri. OCT 1979

Amtrak 231 at Detroit, Michigan station. 1978

Spirit of California train at Sacramento, CA. 1982

Photos of #231 in service wearing Amtrak Phase III paint 1982-1996:

Phase III painted 231 passing through San Luis Obispo, CA. AUG 1992

Southwest Chief passing through Verdemont, CA. APR 1988

San Diegan across the street from its northern endpoint in Santa Barbara, CA. OCT 1990

Desert Wind making its way toward Salt Lake City, UT at Cajon Summit, CA. MAR 1992

Coast Starlight running through Tacoma, WA. JUN 1988

Capitol Corridor / San Joaquin train at Oakland, CA. JUL 1995 (rare pic of pre-OLS ditchlights)

Sunset Limited with 231 and 711 passing through Tempe, AZ. FEB 1991

Amtrak 231 on the Coast Starlight approaching Salinas, CA station while steam locomotive SP 2472 is serviced during a special excursion on the Coast Subdivision. SEP 1992

Amtrak 231 pulling the American Orient Express across the Colorado Rockies. Leyden, CO SEP 1995

Sunset Limited with 231 and 711 passing through Tempe, AZ. FEB 1991

Desert Wind station stop at San Bernardino, CA. SEP 1985

Desert Wind at Salt Lake City's UP depot in Utah. DEC 1985

California Zephyr led by 231 at State Bridge, CO (near Bond). JUN 1986

233 and 231 cresting Cajon Summit taking a Talgo demonstration train to Las Vegas, NV. MAR 1996

231 and 239 on the Coast Starlight passing through Whitney, CA (near Roseville) AUG 1992

UP 3565 and AMTK 231 on a detouring California Zephyr in Denver, CO. April 17 1985

AMTK 231, UP 3781, and AMTK 308 at MP 745 in Southern California.

Coast Starlight with 231 leading across the Chambers Bay bridge in WA. JUL 1988

San Diegan cruising along the shoreline in San Clemente, CA. FEB 1985

Desert Wind with a grimey looking 231 passing through Los Nietos, CA. FEB 1987

231 and 284 on the Sunset Limited crossing Huey P. Long bridge in Avondale, Louisiana. OCT 1987

San Diegan at Santa Barbara, CA. OCT 1990

Mt. Rainier train (a prelude to the Cascades Corridor) in Tacoma, WA. AUG 1994

San Diegan passing through San Juan Capistrano, CA. FEB 1987

231 and 223 taking a San Diegan train north out of San Diego, CA. NOV 1989

231 with a broken windshield in for repairs at Chicago locomotive facility. JUN 1994

Southwest Chief with 231 passing through Princeville, Illinois. MAY 1987
Classic San Diegan scene with a passing Santa Fe freight train. DEC 1991
Desert Wind passing through Cajon Pass, CA. OCT 1984

Southwest Chief with 231 and 240 passing through Ransom, Illinois. JUL 1988

231 on the Southwest Chief through Illinois. JUL 1989

Desert Wind at Salt Lake City's UP depot in Utah. DEC 1985

231 leading a San Diegan train through San Clemente, CA. JUN 1991

Desert Wind approaching its final destination in Los Angeles, CA. AUG 1985

Detouring near Independence, Missouri. APR 1984

AMTK 231 at Union Pacific's North Yard in Salt Lake City, UT. OCT 1985

Desert Wind approaching its final destination in Salt Lake City, UT. OCT 1985

AMTK 231 at Indianapolis, Indiana station. 1985

California Zephyr with DRGW 3125 and AMTK 231 climbing Soldier Summit, Utah. JUN 1986

Southwest Chief through Dalies, New Mexico. NOV 1987

Coast Starlight northbound through Winlock, Washington. 1988

Desert Wind through Cajon Pass. 1990s.

San Diegan through the fog at San Clemente, CA. APR 1989

Exiting the Raton Pass tunnel in New Mexico. JUL 1989

Passing Hobart Tower in Los Angeles, CA. MAR 1990

Southwest Chief passing through Quirk, New Mexico. MAR 1987

Talgo demonstrator with 233 and 231 in Cajon Pass, CA. MAR 1996

Coast Starlight cruising down the grade of Pengra Pass, Oregon. JUL 1992

Desert Wind through Cajon Pass. 1990s.

American Orient Express led by 231 through Emeryville, CA. SEP 1995

Passing through San Bernardino, CA on Desert Wind; December 1985

Passing through Fullerton, CA on the San Diegan; November 1984

Photos of #231 wearing Amtrak Phase III Operation Lifesaver paint 1996-2004:

Amtrak 231 with its new Operation Lifesaver decal at San Diego Santa Fe Depot. SEP 1996

Amtrak 231 on San Joaquin train through Pinole, CA. NOV 2000

231 with a 200-series Talgo train at Tacoma, WA station. OCT 1998

231 on the San Diegan next to the San Diego Trolley at Santa Fe Depot. APR 1998

San Joaquin train making its way through Oakland, CA. OCT 1999

231 leading a Phoenix stadium special through Parker, AZ. APR 17 1998

231 leading a Phoenix stadium special through Parker, AZ. APR 17 1998

231 at the original Central Pacific enginehouse facility in Oakland, CA. NOV 2000

San Diegan making a station stop at Glendale, CA. JUL 1996

Railfair '99 excursion special returning to Sacramento from its trip over Altamont Pass. JUN 1999

Amtrak San Diegan led by Amtrak 231 making way south along the California coast between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara.

Railfair '99 excursion train returning to Sacramento, CA. JUN 1999

Inbound street running Capitol Corridor / San Joaquin train in Oakland, CA. JUL 1999

Northbound San Diegan passing a mural in San Diego, CA. JUL 1996

Amtrak's 8th Street maintenance yards in Los Angeles, CA. 1996

San Joaquin laying over in Bakersfield, CA. 2001

Amtrak 231 with a Cascades Talgo train in Puyallup, WA with a view of Mt. Rainier. SEP 2000

Amtrak Cascades Talgo passing through Puyallup, WA with 231. SEP 2000

Amtrak 231 with private cars on a Pacific Surfliner train in San Diego, CA. JUL 2001

Reno Fun Train passing through West Sacramento, CA. MAR 2001

Approaching Fullerton, CA station; June 1997

Fullerton, California; November 1997

Reno Fun Train special passing through Newcastle, California. MAR 2001


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