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Amtrak 644 / ATSF 5266 / BNSF 6976 In Service

Photos of #644 in service wearing Amtrak Phase I paint 1974-1980:

Amtrak 644 in Phase I paint scheme at the locomotive shop in Chicago, Illinois.

Phase I "Pointless Arrow" paint scheme.

The 644 frequently ran between Washington DC and various points in Florida.

Under the wire on the Northeast Corridor in Washington DC.

644 next to sister SDP40Fs in Washington DC.

Amtrak 644 and its Phase I scheme with strobe lights on the front face.

The 644 passing through Alexandria, VA with steam locomotive #610 in background.

Phase I painted Amtrak 644.

Amtrak 644 during one of its station stops in Florida.

Amtrak 644 in Florida.

A photo-op with 644 in the middle of other Amtrak and Washington Terminal engines.

Photos of #644 in service wearing Amtrak Phase III paint 1980-1985 (it never had Phase II paint):

Phase III painted 644 with a Phase I painted 641, both of which have strobe lights mounted on the face of the locomotive.

Phase III-painted locomotive with Phase I and II painted cars.

When one train meets the other.
Amtrak 644 at San Bernardino shops
Amtrak 644 being transferred to Santa Fe Railway at San Bernardino, CA. January 1985
Photos of #5266 in service wearing Santa Fe "Freightbonnet" colors 1984-1995; #6976 from 1996-2001:

Santa Fe #5266 on a freight train through Mojave, California.

Original appearance of ATSF 5266 as rebuilt in San Bernardino, CA.

Modified ATSF 5266, with notches in nose for easier boarding for crew.

Pre-notch #5266 on a freight train.

ATSF 5266 coupled to CDTX 2052 for a trip on the Amtrak San Joaquin route.
Martinez, CA 1991

ATSF 5266 leading a Santa Fe freight train.

Up-close shot of notch-nose #5266.

ATSF 5266 leading a freight train across the Santa Fe transcontinental route in Arizona.

ATSF 5266 pre-notch modification under dark skies in Denver, Colorado.

BNSF 6976 after the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe merger.

BNSF 6976 on a rare occasion it wasn't coupled in-consist.

BNSF 6976 working a freight train.

ATSF 5266 leading a piggyback train.

Head-on photo of ATSF 5266 post-notch modification.
ATSF 5266 during early days
ATSF 5266 pre-nose modification in September 1985; San Bernardino, CA

Photos of #6976 wearing BNSF-Maersk paint scheme in 2002:

BNSF 6976 in Long Beach, CA.

BNSF 6976 in Long Beach, CA.

BNSF 6976 in Long Beach, CA.

BNSF 6976 in Long Beach, CA.

BNSF 6976 in Long Beach, CA.

Rare photo of #6976 in Maersk paint before nose was modified for final scheme.


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