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Help Make ATSF #59 Operational!

The Museum of the American Railroad has an immediate and time sensitive opportunity to purchase a donor locomotive containing most of the parts and components needed to make an operational Santa Fe PA a reality. The museum's original plans for the PA called for weighing down Santa Fe PA #59 with ballast, installing side panels and applying a Warbonnet paint scheme to create a static non-operational display of this iconic American passenger locomotive. But now, by acquiring this donor locomotive to serve as a parts resource, work can proceed towards making America's PA #59 operational again!

Four Steps to Operation:

Step 1) Acquire PA Locomotive (done!)
Step 2) Purchase and transport donor locomotive (underway)
Step 3) Transplant components and rebuild PA #59 to operational status
Step 4) Rebuild and cosmetically restore PA carbody to Santa Fe Warbonnet

Components to be transplanted includes a 12-251 prime mover, alternator, turbocharger, air compressor, signal bell, control contactors, 26L brake equipment, fan drive, traction motor blowers, sanding equipment and truck parts including wheel sets and traction motors.

Breaking Down the Numbers:

Our goal of fundraising $95,000 includes the purchase price of the locomotive ($55,000), and estimated costs to replace some locomotive wheel sets and preparation of the locomotive for interchange and transfer to the museum, as well as actual shipping costs associated with relocating the locomotive across three states. We will still receive donated funds if the fundraiser goal is not met, and 100% of those funds (minus credit-card processing fees) will be ear-marked solely for the restoration of PA #59. Indiegogo is hosting this fundraiser at no charge due to our 501(c)(3) status; thank you Indiegogo / Generosity!

Next Step:

We urgently need your help right now for Step 2. We have a limited window of opportunity to acquire this retired locomotive containing the parts listed above to start making America's PA a running reality. This fundraising campaign for Santa Fe #59, which concludes on the 59th day of 2016 (Feb. 28, 2016), will secure the purchase of the critical parts donor locomotive, allow the museum to ship it to Frisco, TX and begin the process of transplanting operating components to America's PA!

The Donor Locomotive: A&M #76!

Donor Locomotive A&M #76

This is a recent photo of A&M #76, the donor locomotive that we are raising funds to purchase and transport to our museum grounds in Frisco, Texas.

America's PA Restoration Committee

Robert Willis - Committee Chair
Museum of the American Railroad

Don "Alco Doc" Colangelo - PA Chief Technical Advisor
CMO of Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad

Allen Rider
Manager Locomotive Engineering at Norfolk Southern

Tom Mack
Chief Technology Officer at VeRail Technologies, Inc.

Doyle McCormack
Nickel Plate Road PA #190

In addition to these committee members, we have a great team of supporters in the railroad industry involved and eager to make this "Make America's PA Operational" a reality!

$55,000 Fundraiser Deadline: February 28, 2016.

Raised: $10,276

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Make America's PA Operational Again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which donor locomotive is available for purchase?
A: Arkansas & Missouri Railroad's HR-412 locomotive #76.

Q: What makes A&M #76 the ideal donor locomotive?
A: A&M 76  which was the last generation of a long line of locomotives built Alco, MLW, and Bombardier. It contains mechanical and electrical components previously used in the upgraded D&H PA-4 locomotives, and serves as the best opportunity to harvest as many running components at one time for returning the PA to operating condition as quickly as possible. A&M #76 was an in-service running locomotive when it was retired and currently has an Alco 12-251E prime mover and an AC traction alternator. (Doyle McCormack's PA restoration has also upgraded to an AC traction alternator.)

Q: What will happen to the donor locomotive once its parts are transplanted? Is it worthy for preservation as well?
A: Our goal is to keep the donor locomotive cosmetically intact for potential display at a museum yet-to-be-determined. If you are interested in working out an arrangement to be the recipient of this former Canadian National locomotive, please contact us.

Q: What if the fundraiser goal is not met by the deadline?
A: Funds raised will be reserved in a special account should another opportunity to purchase a donor locomotive arise.

Q: Is my donation tax-deductible?
A: Yes. Museum of the American Railroad is a tax-exempt non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. You will also receive a letter acknowledging your donation for your records.