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Amtrak 231 - Restoration 2002 to Present

Once the locomotive arrived to Portland, Oregon, steps were taken to tackle cosmetic and severe rust problems by cleaning up the car body and painting it with leftover Daylight paint from a previous paint project. Due to closure of museum yard in SE Portland, F40 #231 was temporarily relocated to Ogden, Utah.


231 on the 'dead track' of F40 locomotives to be scrapped.

231 coupled to 298, which was subsequently scrapped.

231 being pulled out of deadline scrap track.

231 on a freight train in Home Valley, WA, headed for Portland.

New oil filters for prime mover.

New filters in air intake room.

231 on display during grand opening of Springwater Trail.

231 and 4449 at site of future Oregon Rail Heritage Center.

231 leading steam locomotives off OPR to Union Pacific.

Steam locomotives 700 and 4449 headed back to Brooklyn.

231 and 644 sitting side-by-side at Brooklyn.

A sunny morning at Brooklyn Yard, Portland Oregon.

Strobe lights lighting up the night.

231 and Brooklyn Roundhouse.

Look at all those dings and dents across the nose!

Dan C. laying down bondo.

Fraser Ostell needle-gunning stubborn adhesive tape.

A ghost-like locomotive.

Spraying Daylight Red paint on the locomotive.

Spraying Daylight Red on the rear.

Rust spreading through the locomotive like cancer.

Shooting red paint on 231's cab.

Rust clean-up underway.

John M. needle-gunning the last of Amtrak paint.

Painting the last of the red.

Inside Brooklyn Roundhouse for last of red paint.

Glenn prepping the locomotive truck assembly.

Painting the orange stripe.

Brooklyn Tour event lineup.

Primer on locomotive trucks.

Fresh silver painted on locomotive trucks.

Fuel tank repainted.

Rusting windshield frame.

Finished product of windshield rust repair.

Repainting the red following welding repair in windshield area.

Repainting the orange strip across front.

Under the rainbow at Brooklyn Yard.

SP Daylight everywhere!

John M. working on HEP generator fittings.

Aligning the drive shaft.

Chris torching off old bolts.

Lance coupling the hoist to the muffler/stack.

231 inside the Brooklyn Roundhouse in Portland, OR.

Turbocharger work.

Freshly installed turbo and muffler.

#644 and #231 at Brooklyn Yard.

#644 and #231 at Brooklyn Yard.

#231 in storage in NW Portland along with other equipment.

Moving #231 and #644 out of NW Portland.

Moving #231 and #644 out of NW Portland.

#231 taking a trip through UP shops in Albina Yard.

Staged at Albina Yard for transport east.

F40 #231 and SDF40 at Albina Yard in Portland, OR.

F40 #231 and SDF40 at Albina Yard in Portland, OR.

Locomotives moving east to Utah.

F40 #231 passing through Brigham City, UT.

Locomotives passing by North Temple FrontRunner station in Salt Lake City.

F40 #231 as seen from on board FrontRunner commuter train in Ogden.

#231 and #644 on Tracks 1 and 2 in Ogden.

F40 #231 and UP Big Boy #4014 in Ogden.

F40 #231's prime mover.

F40 #231 in Ogden, Utah

Winter season in Ogden, Utah

F40 #231 in Ogden, Utah


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