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Amtrak 644 - In Service 1974-2002

Locomotive 644 was based out of Washington DC during its entire service life with Amtrak, then later Barstow, CA for freight service with the Santa Fe and BNSF. Working out of Washington DC, 644 often ran south to Miami as well as St. Petersburg, Florida. It would run on the Floridian to Chicago when needed.

During its stint in freight service, it ran practically anywhere the Santa Fe operated. Photo documentation has shown it to be as far north as Laurel, Montana, and east in Minneapolis, MN. It often operated on the Transcon out of Barstow, reaching Los Angeles basin as well as Arizona and New Mexico. In 2002, BNSF repainted this unit in Maersk blue and silver using the Warbonnet lines for a promotional photo op in Southern California.


Amtrak 644 in Phase I, aka bloody nose.

Phase I "Pointless Arrow" scheme.

644 at Ivy City shops, Washington DC.

644 in Phase I paint scheme.

Amtrak 644 in Phase III paint and nose strobes.

644 sporting Phase III paint during the early 80s.

ATSF 5266 prior to notching of nose.

ATSF 5266 with fresh paint following reconfiguration of its nose.

ATSF 5266 on a hot shot train going across Arizona.

644 pulled an Amtrak San Joaquin train as ATSF 5266 as shown here in Martinez, CA. 1996.

Renumbered to BNSF 6976, it was painted in a promotional Maersk-Sealand paint scheme.


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