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A message concerning our future:
Sept. 5, 2017

To our friends:

Dynamic Rail Preservation Inc. is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and operation of two former Amtrak diesel locomotives, F40PHR #231 and SDP40F #644, both of which are currently located at Union Station in Ogden, Utah. We brought both locomotives to Ogden with the intention of working alongside other organizations focused on revitalizing the rail collection there. Permits were granted to establish a fenced restoration work site equipped with electricity and a tool car. As years progressed, work was held back due to new efforts to clear out the rail display area and make way for economic development. We wanted to avoid investing in capital that would end up being torn down. As of August, 2017, Ogden City dissolved their lease with the foundation that had managed Union Station, took over operations, and is seeking to purchase the remaining surrounding land from the railroad. DynaRail also received notice that, due to limited track space on tracks 1 and 2, locomotives #231 and #644 needs to vacate the premises by spring 2018.

We are thankful for the opportunity to have both locomotives on display at Ogden, which served as a representation of former Amtrak trains that once stopped at the depot. We are happy to continue to help with restoration efforts, such as the fabrication work on the front-end of SP #7457, and the maintenance/lubrication of prime movers in the SP as well as DRGW #5371 units. DynaRail remains committed to restoring locomotives #231 and #644 back to operation and wearing their respective in-service paint schemes (e.g. Phase III red/white/blue; ATSF Freightbonnet, etc.) While we have been offered a new permanent location, it would be a stuff-and-mount configuration, an option of last resort, so we're open to creative solutions.

Locomotive #644 is in operable condition, with exception for batteries, and would serve as a great addition anywhere it goes. Locomotive #231 was vandalized while it was in Portland, Oregon, and needs additional work before it can operate. DynaRail is exploring some new opportunities, but would also like to extend a request-for-proposal notice for everyone in the rail preservation world.
Have an idea, suggestion, proposal, or comments, please contact us!

Email your questions/suggestions to info@dynarail.org
We can also be reached at 213-596-5798

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