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To our supporters: Dynamic Rail Preservation Inc. has relocated locomotives 231 and 6976 to the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City, NV! After eight years of being in storage, they are getting much needed work done.


The work on addressing leaks in the engine's cooling system is now complete, thanks to the generosity of Matt Monson (of Dieselmotive Co.) who loaned tools and donated supplies. New fuel and oil filters were installed, and the next step toward operation is to acquire locomotive unitized starting batteries. This is where we need your help!

We need to raise $6801 for a set of unitized batteries (delivery included!). Once the locomotive is fired up, it will run some test trips, and by that time, we'll resample the lube oil to determine whether we'll need to change out the oil. You can contribute to a new set of batteries by donating at the link below:

Online donations may be made with a credit card
at PayPal (no account required!)

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For your records, our charitable organization 501(c)(3) EIN is 462669375

$541 raised!

of $6801 goal has been
raised for #6976's batteries!

Thank you!


July 6, 2019 - Cab floor rejuvenation

As is to be expected with any rust project, restoring the battery boxes has now devolved into taking the heaters, cab flooring and other components apart. This will address corrosion, clean-up, welding new steel, and installation of new piping and flooring.

DYRX 6976

Corrosion under cab flooring

Cab flooring removed

Battery box cover to be rehabilitated

June 27, 2019 - Water leaks repaired

DYRX #6976 at Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City, NV

DYRX #6976 nose area undergoing rehabilitation

New oil and fuel filters

Hydraulic torque to remove and retighten crabbing

All 16 water jumpers were removed and cleaned

Comparing old vs refurbished water jumpers

June 22, 2019 - Renumbering 644

DYRX 644 was renumbered to DYRX 6976, to honor its heritage as a Maersk-Sealand promotional locomotive.

Drawing out the numberboard, using original for reference

Watching paint dry

Completed numberboards

New numberboards installed

The labels on the control stand worn completely away

New labels in place on control stand!

March 14, 2019 - Electrical checkup

While DYRX 644 still needs starting batteries, we were able to check up on its electrical system using aircraft-grade batteries capable of supplying 64V. The headlight, in-cab instruments including speedometer and alerter, and the gyralight are all functional!

Nose headlight works

Inside the cab with speedometer and alerter at lower right

Temporary 64V supply; unitized batteries it had last time we fired it up was transferred to
other rail equipment by previous owner before the locomotive went into storage.

Gyralight doing its thing in circles

March 2, 2019 - Work projects

Several volunteers took part in cleaning up some rust problem areas, inspecting brakes and other tasks.

Cleaning up the area on top of cab

Clearing and inspecting traction motors

Inspecting and replacing brake shoes

Fastening rear roof panel back onto locomotive

Inspecting air conditioner

Locomotive 231 over the pit

February 5, 2019 - Work commences!

Locomotives 231 and 644 underwent inspections and maintenance at the Nevada State Railroad Museum shop complex.

UP 844 moving DYRX 644 and DYRX 231

DYRX 644 inside the locomotive shop

Roof panels removed and inspected

New LED lighting system inside carbody

January 6, 2019 - Moving from Ogden to Boulder City

At the first of the year, the locomotives relocated from Ogden, Utah to Boulder City, Nevada. Union Pacific towed them on a manifest train to Arden Yard in Las Vegas, where a local train spotted them up by Railroad Pass for the museum to pick up. DynaRail board members donated toward the costs of preparation work, including fuel removal, shipment on Union Pacific Railroad, and associated related costs.

Both locomotives were required to be drained before movement.
Thousands of gallons removed; costs donated by DynaRail board members.

Wheeler CAT was a big help in accommodating portable air for brake inspection.

Last brilliant sunset in Ogden.

Locomotives arrive to Las Vegas, Nevada!

Locomotives on the Ogden-to-Colton Manifest

Locomotives passing through Kelso, California

Climbing Cima Hill, a route #231 regularly ran on Desert Wind train

Henderson Local taking train to Railroad Pass

Sitting overnight near Nevada State College in Henderson, NV

Arriving to Boulder City, Nevada (photo by Scott D.)


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