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Winter 2019 - Locomotives move to Nevada State Railroad Museum!

Nevada State Railroad Museum welcomed locomotives 231 and 644/6976 to be a part of their collection, and train excursions. At the beginning of this year, the locomotives were prepared for shipment on the Union Pacific Railroad, which included the emptying of their fuel tanks, air inspections, and subsequent repairs. Wheeler CAT helped a ton with providing industrial air compressors as part of those required air brake tests. DynaRail board members donated toward the costs of preparation work, including fuel removal, shipment on Union Pacific Railroad, and associated costs.

Thank you Union Pacific for delivering the locomotives!

New transport rules required locomotives have empty fuel tanks.


THANKS to Wheeler CAT for helping with air test!


Last brilliant sunset in Ogden: a bright future lies ahead!


Locomotives arrive to Las Vegas.

Locomotives on an Ogden-to-Colton manifest train.


231 and 644 racing across the Mojave Desert.


231 and 644 racing across the Mojave Desert.


The Henderson local taking locomotives up to Railroad Pass.


644 and 231 overnight at Railroad Pass before continuing.


NSRM's 844 runs down to the pass to pick up the locomotives.


Spring 2019 - Work commences!

Locomotives 231 and 644 went to the shop to be inspected, and to have a list of projects begin.


Entrance to Nevada State Railroad Museum shop.


Locomotive 644 in the shop.


Roof work underway on 644.


644 prime mover having work done.


John M. tending to 644's cab roof to address leaks.


John M. and Daryl M. working under 231.


Braden B. checking on 231's brake shoes.


Lance G. reassembling 644's roof panels.


Allen K. and John M. testing 231's air conditioner.


Locomotive 231 in the shop.


Electrical system appears to be in working order.


Cab view.


Electrical system being tested with 64V aircraft batteries.


644's gyralight reinstalled.


Chris fabricating new numberboards.


New numberboards.


New numberboards.


644 reverted back to 6976.


Old switch labels worn.


New switch labels.


6976 having fuel transferred.


Nose area of 6976 being rehabilitated to address rust.


New fuel filters installed on 6976.


Hydraulic torque on loan from DieselMotive (thank you!)


Water leaks identified in prime mover; bad gasket seals.


Old and new seals on water jumpers
(thanks again to DieselMotive for their donation!)


Summer 2019 - Electrical and operational work underway

Locomotive 6976 began undergoing electrical testing to track down a relay problem. Components in the control stand also had to be replaced.


6976 outside the maintenance shop.


Under cab inspection.


Cab floor being removed to address rust and wood rot.


Battery compartment rust to be addressed.


Fall 2019 - New components and test fire up

Sadly, one of DynaRail's directors fell ill during the summer, and work was put on hold. John Magnusson passed away on September 21st, and several weeks later, work resumed on getting 6976 fired up. Although it wasn't ready to lead on its own until its oil was changed, it did run in tandem with NSRM's 844 on the JRM Memorial Train in November.


Fan covers coming off in prep of fire up.


Installing temporary batteries until new ones arrive.


New battery terminal connectors.


Temporary batteries in boxes and nose. The notches ATSF
cut into the nose requires a newer unitized type of battery.


Pre-lubing prime mover in prep for fire up.


Hydraulic barring tool during pre-lubing of prime mover.


Checking oil level in air compressor.


6976 fired right up and purred for a few hours!


Frank and Richard show off 6976's first floor piece.
(thanks guys!)


The joys of finding out electrical schematics don't
match what exists inside the control cabinet!


A month of electrical troubleshooting.


Control stand electrical troubleshooting.


6976 moves under own power!


6976 spotted at platform while volunteers relish the moment.


6976's inaugural run to Railroad Pass (with 844 as backup)


6976's inaugural run to Railroad Pass (with 844 as backup)


Steve G. running 6976 on the point of
John Magnusson's memorial train.


6976 on the point of John Magnusson's memorial train.


6976 held light duty and yard switching to assist
rail operations during the holiday trains.


Eureka steam locomotive passing by 6976.


6976 and 231 back at shop for further work.

New lube oil has arrived, concluding Year 2019.



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