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- 6976 oil change, test run, and pressed into service

Locomotive #6976 had its lubricating oil drained, which gave us the opportunity to change out the leaky ball valve before refilling it with new lubricating oil, all 275 gallons of it! It took approximately 2.5 hours to transfer one barrel of oil at a time, with a pneumatic pump. New oil and fuel filters were installed, and a new set of unitized batteries went in as well. An annual inspection was completed, and the locomotive was pressed into service.

- 231 electrical and fuel system work leads to successful fire-up!

Locomotive #231 was moved from the display to shop track, where it spent much of 2020 undergoing work on its electrical, fuel, and main reservoir systems. Once the fuel pump and its lines were cleaned of debris, the locomotive was fired up for the first time since 2001! Several main reservoir leaks were identified, as well as a few stuck injectors, which were removed for replacing.


New ball valve

Engine oil pan (drained)

Pumping oil into engine

New oil filters being installed

6976 at the Boulder City shop

6976 at Railroad Pass during test runs (844 on other end)

6976 at Railroad Pass during test runs (load test with 844)

6976 at Railroad Pass during test runs

Traction motor wire repair

Inspection of traction motor brushes

Gearbox inspection (6976 has both crater and gear oil boxes)

In the shop for annual inspection

Handy to have a pit to inspect undercarriage

Older batteries being removed

New unitized batteries installed

Annual inspection completed; inaugural departure

Inaugural run (solo without assistance) at Railroad Pass

Burst hose, engine emergency shutdown worked as intended

New water hoses / fuel and oil lines next

6976 on the south display track at museum

New windshield wipers for 6976

6976 cab work continues

Two new valves for 231 and 6976 horns

6976 at Railroad Pass

Celebrating July 4th with 6976

Celebrating July 4th with 6976

6976 picking up passengers at Railroad Pass

6976 and 844 during the summer

6976 and 844 hanging out at the station

231 moved to shop for extensive work

Replacing circuit breakers on 231

Inspecting and reconnecting 231 HEP generator

Inspecting and cleaning 231 air boxes

231 fuel strainer from the late 1990s

231 fuel pump debris (from its service days in 2001)

Fuel pump full of debris

231's strobe lights

Old vs new strobe lights

Old vs new fuel pump strainer

Air compressor fitted with new valve

Cleaning up strobe mounts, new strobes installed

Charging 231's batteries

Another mess of wires to trace

Relabeling with heat shrink protective cover

Firing up 231; identified stuck injectors to be replaced

Addressing leaks in 231's main reservoir system

Working on 231's injectors

The bad injectors removed from 231's top deck looked like this



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